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Hope Farm is a family owned organic gourmet Sourdough Bakery, which specializes in producing genuine European-style breads using the finest organic and bio-organic stone-ground flours.

Sourdough is an ecosystem of wild yeasts and beneficial bacteria that work together to add B-vitamins to grains, to break down gluten for better digestion, and to neutralize phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors. In other words, it’s good for you.

About Hope Farm

Hope Farm Bakery is a family owned business located in the food hub region of Gippsland, Victoria. We are a small team consisting of qualified Artisan bakers and distribution staff who are passionate about creating and delivering only the highest quality, nutritious sourdough breads and bakery items which are unique to our bakery.

Our sourdough breads are featured at many different eateries throughout the greater Melbourne area as well as regional Victoria. They are also sold at various locations throughout Victoria as well as farmer’s markets in the Gippsland and greater Melbourne area.

The Bakery

The bakery is located in Yarragon, Gippsland, Victoria. All of our breads are still hand molded giving them that personal love that many comment as making all the difference in flavour and texture.

We bake a wide variety of Sourdough Breads including a wheat free range, light rye breads, wheat range, fruit range and the festive range. Other tempting varieties include wholemeal date scones, bran & chia muffins and banana bread.

Our mission is to create authentic sourdough bread with real, organic ingredients using only traditional methods- the way bread was originally intended.

Our Range Of Sourdough Breads & Sweets

Gluten Free

Gluten Free Sourdough options made using traditional sourdough techniques. Avaliable in White, Multigrain and Fruit.


The very popular traditional white sourdough available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Made from only organic flour, sea salt and water.


A European inspired multigrain; rich in grains and seeds. A favourite of all ages. Made available in a variety of shapes and sizes.


A lighter Italian style sourdough, perfect for sandwiches and garlic bread. Made avaliable in a variety of shapes and sizes.


A mixture of organic wheat and rye flour perfectly balanced for a rich flavoured range. Avaliable in Farmer’s Rye, Rye & Fennel, Rye & Caraway, Pumpernickel and 100% Rye.


Our sweets consist of a variety of flavours including a citrus range sold in single-serve panettone moulds, a selection of muffins as well as date scones & banana bread.

What Our Customers Say

A Great Find

"The most delicious bread in Australia!! I buy Hope Farm Bakery's bread every Collingwood farmers market and just love the stuff!!"

- Madelaine Scott

Amazing Service

"I have eczema and the spelt bread and gluten-free rye bread are the only ones I've found that doesn't cause a flare up! This makes me super excited cause sometimes all you want is some toast and now I can!! Also tastes good !! thumbs up!"

- Sami Power

Always Prefect!

"Without doubt the best bread we have ever consumed and will ever! Flavoursome, filling and obviously made with love and passion. Top votes go to the Volkhorn and Casalinga but all their offerings are welcomed and relished. Absolutely magical bread and baked goods...well done to all at Hope Farm! Perfect as an accompaniment with a good cup of tea also!"

- Garrick

The Best Bread

"Thanks to hope farm bakery for their delicious bread. As a yeast allergy I have found something that doesn't make me ill"

– Roger

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