About Hope Farm

Hope Farm is located in Yarragon which is a small town in the Baw Baw Shire in the West Gippsland region of Victoria, Australia. The town lies on the Princes Highway and the main Gippsland Railway line approximately halfway between the major towns of Warragul and Moe.

Our mission is to create authentic sourdough bread with real, organic ingredients using only traditional methods- the way bread was originally intended.

We do not use any commercial yeasts, additives or enhancers to alter the bread and we think the taste and quality speaks for itself.

From City To Country

Sick of the city grind, Todd and Jenny Roelands decided to pack up their lives and leave the hustle and bustle of Sydney to a life that was in line with how they wanted their 2 children Kaitlyn and Jake to grow up. Upon moving to Warragul they purchased Hope Farm Bakery in 2015. They have absolutely no regrets and love their new life in Gippsland with all of its amazing offerings: people, countryside, location. They still continue to create the exact same flavour and breads that Hope Farm is famous for.

They have always shared a love of high quality, wholesome food using real ingredients, and found the perfect place to settle and take the reigns of a genuine, and thriving sourdough bread bakery. They believe in wholesome quality food, and love waking up every day to produce beautiful bread which is so well loved. Todd and Jenny are very family oriented and love having staff who feel like a part of the family

Authentic sourdough is created using only the wild yeast found in the air around us which is captured in the sourdough culture. The resulting taste and health benefits of the sourdough bread are retained, including beneficial probiotic bacteria Lactobacillus. Both the yeast and bacteria work together to predigest starches in the grains and greatly increase the absorption and bioavailability of vitamins, enzymes and lactic acid. The same microorganisms make the bread much easier for the body to digest and assimilate

What Our Customers Say

A Great Find

"The most delicious bread in Australia!! I buy Hope Farm Bakery's bread every Collingwood farmers market and just love the stuff!!"

- Madelaine Scott

Amazing Service

"I have eczema and the spelt bread and gluten-free rye bread are the only ones I've found that doesn't cause a flare up! This makes me super excited cause sometimes all you want is some toast and now I can!! Also tastes good !! thumbs up!"

- Sami Power

Always Prefect!

"Without doubt the best bread we have ever consumed and will ever! Flavoursome, filling and obviously made with love and passion. Top votes go to the Volkhorn and Casalinga but all their offerings are welcomed and relished. Absolutely magical bread and baked goods...well done to all at Hope Farm! Perfect as an accompaniment with a good cup of tea also!"

- Garrick

The Best Bread

"Thanks to hope farm bakery for their delicious bread. As a yeast allergy I have found something that doesn't make me ill"

– Roger

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